Blend of three foliar levels of Virginia type tobacco, grown in the northwestern region of Argentina. Our barbilla type tobacco is conditioned with chlorine-free water vapor and treated with the utmost care so it reaches the consumer with the perfect moisture content.

We grow our Virginia type tobacco in the most fertile soils of northwestern Argentina. We take great care of its quality by conditioning it with chlorine-free steam, so that it reaches your palate with the right moisture content.

At Van Kiff, we are committed to the care of our soil; our tobacco is 100% agroecological since it does not use any agrochemicals in its production. This care is reflected in a smooth, sweet and persistent flavor with the finest characteristics of nature.


  • Intensity: half
  • Aroma: classic
  • Taste: original, presence on the palate
  • Blend: Virginia selection
  • Style: fine and pure