Tobacco smoke inspired great works of art and continues to do so today. That’s why 5 renowned artists took part in the Van Kiff Art Edition Special Edition pack: so your eyes have an experience as pleasurable as the rest of your senses.


POMS, a 35-year-old native of Buenos Aires, splits his time between graffiti, painting and graphic design. His interest in graffiti from an early age led him to traverse different styles and techniques. Later, when he was trained as a designer, he managed to mix these two worlds.


Martin Varbaro is an artist born in the neighborhood of San Andres, Province of Buenos Aires. He grew up with his skateboard and his skate group, taking part in this sport’s early days in the country. He lived through its growth with friends who are recognized today as international tattoo artists and professional skateboarders.


Graphic artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He taught graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires for 8 years. As an artist, he has produced several solo exhibits in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rosario (Argentina), San Francisco (CA, USA) and Santiago de Chile (Chile).


Marte (Martina Galarza) specializes in conceptualizing and creating unique visual experiences encompassing illustration, lettering, graphic design, muralism and branding.


Lucas Parbo is part of an entire generation of Argentine artists who have taken their talents in art and design beyond the traditional gallery environments and commercial contexts.