Tobacco smoke inspired great works of art and continues to do so today. That’s why 5 renowned artists took part in the Van Kiff Art Edition Special Edition pack: so your eyes have an experience as pleasurable as the rest of your senses.


Hey, I’m Fabio Buonocore, an illustrator and graphic designer, driven by the Mediterranean culture. My art is a vibrant reflection of life’s colorful tapestry, expressed through playful characters and captivating designs.


He studied architecture and left, then he studied graphic design and almost finished it but he also left. He always liked to draw and finally decided to dedicate himself to illustration. He plans to formalize studies in this last discipline, but fears that this will lead him to leave it and end up devoting himself to dentistry or law.


Born in Buenos Aires, 29 years old, his work dialogues between calligraphy, graffiti, graphic design and the abstract.


My name is Peng Yuna and my pseudonym is Peng Yubo. I am a freelance illustrator from China. I am good at illustrations full of color elements.


I am a designer and illustrator. I combine fun illustrations and designs using bright colors to tell a story.