Graphic artist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He taught graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires for 8 years. As an artist, he has produced several solo exhibits in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rosario (Argentina), San Francisco (CA, USA) and Santiago de Chile (Chile).

Vintage graphic advertising inspires his work. He loves the look of low fidelity printing. His mistakes and limitations give his work a distinctive trait. Using silkscreen, risograph and painting, he has developed a style based on the low-quality printing methods of early graphic advertising. He also has extensive work in lettering and typography.

Seeking inspiration from simpler ways of life, he explores artisanal lifestyles: fishermen, lumberjacks, butchers, carpenters, etc. In addition, he also enjoys exploring popular street graphics. He worked for brands such as Jack Daniel ́s, Absolut Vodka, Nike, Puma, Sol Beer, Cinzano, Vans, Oreo, Good Year, Penguin, California Customs, Pilgrim London, BlackFin, Gravity Zero.